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Do You Need To Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior To Get It Ready For Painting?

Posted on 28 February 2019 by Wanda (0)

residential house painting redbankBefore you even start exterior house painting, the surfaces need to be cleaned and prepped. Most would recommend to power wash the exterior walls in order for it to be thoroughly cleaned and have it prepared for painting after. But do you really need to power wash your exterior walls? Do you know that there are also actual disadvantages to doing this procedure? Let us look if your home really needs to be washed.

Disadvantages of pressure washing your home

There is danger to pressure washing your house exterior since if it is too high, the water can get into the walls and even inside your house. When the pressure washer is used at full capacity, this can damage the siding and even the mortar on brick houses can also be thrown off. When used by inexperienced hands, this can even destroy window screens and can even cause leaks in window seals. If you are not even planning to paint your house yet and pressure wash your home, this can even destroy the paint leading for you to repaint it again.

Benefits of pressure washing your home

When used by professionals, pressure washing your home can offer a lot of great benefits. With only using the proper levels in water pressure, your house can be free of grime, unsightly stains and bird droppings. Pressure washing is one way to clean your home’s exterior with efficiency.

Pressure washing can also remove mould and mildew which can damage your home. And of course, if you are considering on repainting your home, preparing your house’s surfaces by having a professional pressure wash it, will do a great deal once you are in the painting process.