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Best Ways To Prepare For An Interior Painting Project

Posted on 15 February 2018 by Wanda (0)

interior painting tipsOk, so you’ve decided you need to paint a few walls or ceilings in your home huh?  And, you’re going to do it yourself to save some money.


Well, all I can say is you had better have a decent preparation plan in place.  If you’re not sure where to start, take a read of this article, you may find it will help.


The first thing that you need to be prepared for, which is completely outside of your control, is the weather.  You need to wait for dry weather before painting.  Don’t paint on a rainy day, it will be too humid, which means lots of dripping and very slow drying time.  


Outside of that, what you need is to do a very comprehensive visual inspection of the walls and ceilings you’re going to paint.  If you can see any flaking, peeling or cracks in the areas to be painted, you will need to remove any flakes & peels, usually a sanding block will do the trick, you can lightly sand the affected areas.  You may also need to fill in any cracks too.  


After this, if you have any stains or oily and dirty spots on your walls, you can use sugar soap or a similar product to clean the walls.  You don’t want to rub too hard as these products can be quite harsh on the wall.  


Then, you can usually vacuum and then wipe down with a lightly damp cloth.  Once this dries, you should be almost ready to continue.


You’ll want the right tools, make sure you visit a reputable hardware store or paint supply store.  The staff will be available to give you advice on your project, & recommend the right brushes, rollers, & just as importantly, a good quality masking/painters tape for your edges.


Cover your floors with drop cloths, do not skimp out & use old bed sheets, more often than not, spilt paint will soak straight through onto your floor or furniture.


That’s all for today, we will give you some more information in our next post.