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Ideas For Picking The Right House Painting Colour

Posted on 22 February 2018 by Wanda (0)

While your kitchen is very important, your living room is most likely the most used room in the home, which is why it is just natural to pick the perfect house painting colour for that painting

Your aim is to create a cozy place where your kids can stay and even play while being relaxed as you binge watch your favourite shows. The sitting room is where almost everything happens and your choice of colour will just add the beauty to it all.

Here are some ways to choose the right colour for your living room.

Think of what you want. Your mood will play a significant role in your chosen colour. Are you thinking of classy or electric look? Do you want it to be more formal? Imagine how your whole house would look like and if you would still like your chosen colour after a couple of years.

Think of your furniture and other architectural fixture. Your furniture and other architectural fixture such as your fireplace will not change on colour so better consider them first. Will your chosen colour blend easily with these fixed colours? Don’t forget to assess this too before you choose your paint.

Think about the other rooms. While you can play with colours from room to room and you don’t have to perfectly match all rooms, you can consider though that they should still complement each other. Select an existing colour from one room and make it an inspiration for your choice.

Discuss your choices with your painter. Your painter is not just there to paint (while that is his main job), you can ask tips from him and get ideas if your choices are right. And while you can collaborate with him as you go along the way, you still, will be the main decision maker when it comes to choosing the right scheme.