The Unexpected Benefits of Exterior House painting and Staining

Posted on 26 January 2018 (0)

A good paint job adds beauty, character, and personality to your house. It transforms the look and appearance of your home, and it might seem as though you got a new home overnight. That explains why proper planning and preparation is important before startsing to decorate your home. One must plan the different colors, styles, and shades they intend to apply to their house before anything else. As a homeowner, you felt great and fulfilled when you apply your style and colorful touch to your home’s exterior.

Why not let your unique style and personality shine on the walls of your abode? Homeowners often don’t understand the benefits that come with painting or staining the exterior surfaces of their homes. Applying paint on your home’s facades is probably one of the most exciting and fun things you can do. However, it’s also important to remember that painting your home’s exterior is necessary, and can save you money. Here are the benefits of exterior house painting and staining.

Protection from Harsh Winters

Moisture is one of those things that don’t agree with your exterior paint. High humidity, snow, frost, ice, and rain can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior paint by causing it to swell and soften. It’s also important to note that mold and mildew thrive in moisturized environments. Applying a fresh protective paint on your home’s exterior gives your residence a protective barrier that will ensure water and moisture stay out.

Improves your Home’s Curb Appeal

If your existing shade looks dated or your home’s exterior is worn, repainting it could be the perfect solution to it. For homeowners who are sprucing up their homes for sale, painting their homes’ exterior will provide the best look thereby increasing curb appeal for potential buyers. Remember potential buyers will decide to give your home a look based on how the outside looks like. If you were looking for a house to buy, you’d assume that a house with a dingy looking exterior paint job, or a peeling paint, isn’t worth viewing the interior. You’d prefer just driving by instead of going in to see what’s inside.

An effective exterior paint job will, therefore, improve your home’s curb appeal and boost the charm of your neighborhood. However, you must choose the right colors.

Prevents Termite Damage

Insects such as termites will try to come to your residence with everything they have. You should probably talk to anyone who has experienced this. It can be destructive to your property. Applying a protective layer of paint will ensure wood-eating pests are kept at bay thereby preserving the integrity of your home’s structure.

Extends Siding Lifetime

No matter the type of siding on your residence, applying a protective layer of paint will go a long way to extend its lifespan. You can add a couple of years to the lifespan of siding with a new coat of exterior paint. Well, we both know that this will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expenses. At times, your existing siding can sustain some damage which leaves blemishes. A new coat of exterior paint will not only provide additional protection to affected areas but also temporarily repair or cover up the damage.

Objectively Increases your Home’s Value

The best investment a homeowner can make is that which involves investing a lot less than what he or she gets back. When evaluating your home, an appraiser will find a recently painted house to be of a greater final value than one with old, worn-out exterior paint. According to real estate professionals, applying an exterior paint on your home offers an attractive return of about 141 percent. You now know what to do.

Maintains your Home’s Structural Integrity

One of the things that can compromise your home’s structural integrity is the development of mold and mildew. The wood surfaces of your home are more susceptible to mold growth and water damage. However, a new coat of paint provides protection from mold and mildew thereby ensuring that your home’s structure remains strong and functional.

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Ideas For Picking The Right House Painting Colour

Posted on 22 February 2018 (0)

While your kitchen is very important, your living room is most likely the most used room in the home, which is why it is just natural to pick the perfect house painting colour for that painting

Your aim is to create a cozy place where your kids can stay and even play while being relaxed as you binge watch your favourite shows. The sitting room is where almost everything happens and your choice of colour will just add the beauty to it all.

Here are some ways to choose the right colour for your living room.

Think of what you want. Your mood will play a significant role in your chosen colour. Are you thinking of classy or electric look? Do you want it to be more formal? Imagine how your whole house would look like and if you would still like your chosen colour after a couple of years.

Think of your furniture and other architectural fixture. Your furniture and other architectural fixture such as your fireplace will not change on colour so better consider them first. Will your chosen colour blend easily with these fixed colours? Don’t forget to assess this too before you choose your paint.

Think about the other rooms. While you can play with colours from room to room and you don’t have to perfectly match all rooms, you can consider though that they should still complement each other. Select an existing colour from one room and make it an inspiration for your choice.

Discuss your choices with your painter. Your painter is not just there to paint (while that is his main job), you can ask tips from him and get ideas if your choices are right. And while you can collaborate with him as you go along the way, you still, will be the main decision maker when it comes to choosing the right scheme.

Best Ways To Prepare For An Interior Painting Project

Posted on 15 February 2018 (0)

interior painting tipsOk, so you’ve decided you need to paint a few walls or ceilings in your home huh?  And, you’re going to do it yourself to save some money.


Well, all I can say is you had better have a decent preparation plan in place.  If you’re not sure where to start, take a read of this article, you may find it will help.


The first thing that you need to be prepared for, which is completely outside of your control, is the weather.  You need to wait for dry weather before painting.  Don’t paint on a rainy day, it will be too humid, which means lots of dripping and very slow drying time.  


Outside of that, what you need is to do a very comprehensive visual inspection of the walls and ceilings you’re going to paint.  If you can see any flaking, peeling or cracks in the areas to be painted, you will need to remove any flakes & peels, usually a sanding block will do the trick, you can lightly sand the affected areas.  You may also need to fill in any cracks too.  


After this, if you have any stains or oily and dirty spots on your walls, you can use sugar soap or a similar product to clean the walls.  You don’t want to rub too hard as these products can be quite harsh on the wall.  


Then, you can usually vacuum and then wipe down with a lightly damp cloth.  Once this dries, you should be almost ready to continue.


You’ll want the right tools, make sure you visit a reputable hardware store or paint supply store.  The staff will be available to give you advice on your project, & recommend the right brushes, rollers, & just as importantly, a good quality masking/painters tape for your edges.


Cover your floors with drop cloths, do not skimp out & use old bed sheets, more often than not, spilt paint will soak straight through onto your floor or furniture.


That’s all for today, we will give you some more information in our next post.